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SHANNA LIM aka "Shae" is a practitioner of many dance techniques such as house, freestyle, modern, Thai fusion, and prides in expressive theatrical performance. Founder  of Inner Soul Projex Productions , a company started in 1996 geared to benefit and make society aware of many social world issues through entertainment.  She has performed recently at the Hip-Hop theater festival, Black Luv festival, toured with Tamara Wellons of Ocha Records, also the late night series with Mason Rhynes, Dont Hit Mama dance production out of the Netherlands and more.  Also, her colorful, creative and stunning body and face painting  is loved by many.  She feels blessed to know that she is gifted to perform her dance and paint skills for any type of event you can imagine.

PIN POINTS began as a writers' workshop called "Pen Points" in 1978. It was then a training ground for a plethora of writers who became quite successful: Joy Jones, ("Teacher Meditations" and  president of Spoken Word), Jonetta Barras ("Daddy's Little Girl," columnist for the Washington Post and popular talk show host), Ersky Freeman ("Why Doctors Don't Guarantee Their Work" along with numerous nationally touring plays) - to name a few.

Pen Points writers' workshop evolved into Pin Points Theatre in 1980 as a community theater company creating its plays and workshops in impoverished D.C. communities then presenting them to schools, businesses, government agencies and theaters throughout D.C., the United States, Asia (Guam, Korea, Japan, and Singapore), Canada, and Germany.  Touring productions include: 1,001 Inventions; KIAMSHA, a youth (ages 12-18) musical/drama/workshop teaching abstinence from sex, drugs and violence; THE MEETING (winner of eight NAACP awards).  

Several hundred former performers of Pin Points have advanced their careers and producing success stories like the famed Martin Lawrence, Wendy Robinson of the STEVE HARVEY SHOW and Davika Parikh of  WEST WING who have done very well in mainstream entertainment as well as Jim Lucas and his nationwide one-man show; Rico Hill an executive producer at Nickelodeon and now Vice President of the Cartoon Network; singer, Shirleta Settles; Thandor Miller, Lennie Smith, and Mori El Randolph are the Executive Directors of their own nonprofit youth empowerment organizations. 
Pin Points Theatre holds on to its credo to serve their community as a teaching tool, artistic outlet, a provider of viable employment, as a loving haven for troubled hearts.

ESTIFANOS BERTA-SAMUEL hails from the Amhara Tribe and with his impressive physique at 6ft.5in. height, brown eyes and caramel skin he has dazzled on the stage of several runways and graced the pages of print publications across the globe.

He currently lives in Johannesburg, South Africa and shuttles between New York and Los Angeles under his agency, HEADS MODELS in Johannesburg.

He started modeling rather unwillingly in High School at the 10th grade. He has worked as an assistant to the in house stylist at ENYCE, and appeared in several campaigns like: Absolut Vodka commercial in Paris, France; History Channel commercial in Hollywood, CA;  Los Angeles Fashion Week; and BET Awards Fashion Show just to name a few. He loves being creative and choreographing piece but, in the natural sense, attending and graduating from Howard University; traveling internationally and living his dream in the fashion and entertainment industry, being a back up dancer for the South African Sensation Khabonina Quebeka, starring in a television show on DSTV Africa, writing scripts for Cartoon Network’s Dance Club, and acting in two films in the U.S. last year.

It is the dream of model, dancer, actor and stylist Estifanos Berta-Samuel to start a corporation that
will build a world class industry for arts, fashion and entertainment professionals in his home country and
across Africa.

SCHOOL OF PROTOCOL INC is a non-profit organization under section 501c3 of the internal revenue code. The organization (CSP) was founded to address issues specifically related to at-risk, welfare to work, and unemployed or underemployed youth in the District of Columbia. 

CSP has found that a preponderance of young people suffer from low self-esteem and peer pressure. They attempt to change that lack of self-esteem and self-awareness through their program of Etiquette and Manners for maneuvering through today’s world.   

Ms. CHARMIONE THOMAS is owner of the CHARMIONE’S SCHOOL OF PROTOCOL. Ms. Thomas a proud mother of two successful young women is a committed educator who has been teaching Life skills and Etiquette in one form or another over the past ten years.

Charmione has served as a Career Specialist with the Welfare to Work initiative and the Youth program of Friendship House Association for more than five years instructing on Life Skills and Business Etiquette and most recently in Northeast Washington, DC for girls ages 14 to 25 enrolled in the “Too Good for Drugs” summer school program.  

There is no statistical information to show what percentage good manners, charm, and etiquette play in daily living. However, there is much anecdotal evidence showing how significantly those factors improve our daily outlook and expectations in life.

ANGELA MARTIN has been a professional fashion and print model for 28 years, and has appeared in numerous national and regional advertisements, billboards, TV commercials, magazines, feature films and television.  She has worked for top agencies in Atlanta, Ga., Dallas, TX., Nashville, Tenn.,and  Washington, D.C. and has done fashion shows for fashion designers such as: Adolfo, Bill Blass, Geoffrey Beene, Perry Ellis and others; was a house model for N.Y. showrooms and a live mannequin for exclusive store windows. 

Angela was a final percentile contestant in a Miss Texas-USA pageant,  one of the original Dallas Playboy Bunnies, has been a judge for the All-American Model's Search, Penny's Baby Search, Miss Black America, Miss Tennessee, and has taught modeling for the Kiddin' Around Modeling Agency in Atlanta.  

Ms. Martin was featured in her own segment, on a BET television  and WHUR  radio, as a personal shopper for exclusive clients. She is a graduate of Tennessee State University with a B.S. degree in Speech Pathology and Audiology, also attended Spellman College, Brown College of Court Reporting and Howard University graduate school.  She presently has a successful personal chef service for private clients, specializing in eclectic coastal- inspired Southern cuisine, and is writing an auto-biography about her influential historical geneaolgy lineage.

LISA SHANNONis a Runway Coach and Modeling 1 and 2 Instructor at John Robert Powers Modeling Agency in Baltimore City.   She also specializes in face painting, mural's and furniture. She studied at the Community College of Baltimore and received a Art scholarship for Fundamental, Design and Commerical Art.