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"This was a wonderful, outstanding experience and an introduction to theatre arts for my grandsons: Casaan and Cris Whitney! They loved the workshops and participating on stage! Who knows where this will lead? I hope more will be able to participate next year!"

Gratefully, Grandma Charla

"Imagine, Youth In Arts - Congratulations and thank you to all involved! My son said it was WONDERFUL! I asked him what was his favorite part of the show and he said everything! I wish you continued success!"

Rita Burns

"No problem we got to sleep at 2 in the morning but wee pulled through and made it a great show.


"That was the most fun filled day I will ever have."

Grey Butler



"This was a superb idea. It was motivational, inspirational and left the participants in awe. Can't wait until next year and the ones to follow. You can count on me! Sheba, Imagine! Who would have thought that after all these years after meeting & working together and being apart we would come together for such an event as this. Bravo! to .........and bringing us back together. Most importantly, I wish to thank you for including me in the "Imagine 1211" project. On behalf of me and mine, Thank You!!!"

Kimber Lee

"It was a long day, but they hung in there with good spirits! I loved being a part of this event. Can't wait till next year!"

Elaine Roecklein

"Thank you young artists. You were a treat to work with. No DRAMA!, Just tenacity, persistence and hard workers."

Kimber Lee

Great job. More importantly you brought inspiration to a lot of youth's heart. God's got a blessing with your name on it!

Gloria Shivers



The Emma Bowen Foundation is a nonprofit organization that is building a more diverse media and tech industry by recruiting promising students of color like you and placing them in multi-year paid internships at some of the nation's leading media companies


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Application online now for bi-costal music industry camps for U.S. high school students

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Program Contact:

David R. Sears/The GRAMMY Foundation/310.392.3777

Media Contacts:

Christina Cassidy/The GRAMMY Foundation/310.392.3777

Jaime Sarachit/The Recording Academy/310.392.3777

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