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While our current public school system offers fewer choices for our youth to explore their creativity in a regular classroom setting, there is a growing interest in the arts heightened by an explosion of popular media programming with great emphasis on creative endeavors. 

More significant is the emerging high numbers of passionate arts entrepreneurs supported by advanced, cost effective and efficient technology that allows the individual to express their creativity over various social platforms from Instagram to Youtube.  

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Yet there is very little harnessing of the creative genius in K-12 primary educational schooling. YITA offers youth ages 5 yrs. old to adults an array of arts and entertainment instruction that teaches the creative and technical aspects of these industries including but not limited to: event production * film directing *arts & crafts * various forms of media writing * acting * music * dance * martial arts and etiquette

Additionally, YITA uses a creative learning model in summer school programming that engages youth in three project-based learning components: developing employable skills, work readiness training and leadership skills building and critical thinking needed to be successful in any workplace. Each period of instruction is culminated with a major production allowing all participants to demonstrate their talent on stage to a large audience of family and friends. 

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