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Youth In The Arts-IMAGINE (YITA) a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation founded in February 2011 is based on the belief that attention to our youth needs to be of the utmost importance and we are committed to meeting those needs through the introduction and development of art education.  



The mission of Youth In the Arts-IMAGINE (YITA) is to combine the elements of health, image, personal growth and self-development with artistic expression as a way to wholeness and the building of self-esteem, spirit and self-confidence among youth and adults by demonstrating all of the positive qualities viewed in the various arts as well as providing employment opportunities for professional artists and art enthusiasts by demonstrating all of the positive qualities viewed in the various arts.

With limited resources available in schools today for arts programming and curriculum the goal is to positively transform youth while providing an excitingly needed platform for showcasing and nurturing young talent. Throughout the year youth and adults attend YITA workshops to hone skills and learn new artistic disciplines from professionals in their areas of expertise such as theater, literary & fine arts, dance, fashion, music, film and stage production. 

On our popular ONE DAY BOOT CAMP - Youth In The Arts Day "IMAGINE" participants ages 5 to adults attend various workshops, classes and clinics with expert instructors in the areas of theater, dance, fashion, music, film, health, nutrition and stage production during the day. In the evening, they are called upon to exhibit their talent on-stage and demonstrate what they have learned as they perform for their members, special guests and friends.






VOCALS with Grammy Nominated, YASMEEN

The show features an inter-generational diverse group of participants including interns and students from arts institutions, Sheba Productions, 855 Music Group and Pin Points Inc. as well as other amateur and professional dancers, singers and actors from various artistic disciplines. Additionally, youth will provide behind the scenes technical support side by side with professional veterans in areas such as but not limited to set design, engineering, stage management, lighting, stage set up and break down, etc. 


DANCE with Samba Dancer, ZEZEH ZAX



is a boutique Music Production and Development company for the recording industry. Based in the Washington D.C area founder, music producer and artist Q. Corbitt aka, Q-Hef. iCue Music Group consulting, artist direction, production, recording, mixing & mastering services are geared to individuals who are connected to the recording industry: recording artists, musicians, music producers, artist managers, record labels and instrumentalists.


Pin Points Inc. a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that integrates academic subjects into theatrical formats that edu-tain was established in 1980. Their productions, workshops, and publications teach a variety of practical subjects including history, health, the science of success, self esteem, diversity, and abstinence from sex, drugs and violence. These programs are intricately designed to benefit adults, young adults, youth-at-risk, and children.


Georgia Avenue Family Support Collaborative I Show Up, Stand Out Truancy Reduction Initiative

Strives to build a neighborhood-based system that strengthens and nurtures families and keeps children, youth, and families safe from abuse and neglect. Provides emergency assistance, housing assistance, counseling, employment and training opportunities and other support services.


The National Center for Children and Families (NCCF). The NCCF a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to serving children in desperate need. Today, NCCF's residential programs serve homeless families, victims of domestic violence, and vulnerable adolescents. Other programs include treatment foster care, social services for family reunification, parenting education, and transitional housing to promote independent living and family stabilization. ( 

"IMAGINE" Boot Camp Workshops

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