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DENISE SPANN-MORGAN is a Actress, Singer & Journalist as well as a member of AEA, AFTRA, SAG, AGVA & AGMA. She's known throughout the world for her 'full throttle' vocals as the lead singer of 'Motown's first million selling 'Girl Group'; The marvelous, MARVELETTES – and for her roles in numerous Broadway shows, movies, television and her unmistakable voice on commercials! In the heart of New York City's entertainment district, Denise was the star attraction for a solid 104 weeks at B.B. King's Night Club on 42nd Street front and center as a lead singer of the world famous HARLEM GOSPEL CHOIR! No less marvelous without THE MARVELETTES, Denise divides a busy career between her much sought after groups,' THE DIVA DYNASTY' & 'THE SECOND COMING' and producing her self-penned musical, 'I NEVER WORKED FOR MOTOWN'!

This unabashedly versatile performer handles a repertoire of R & B, Jazz, Gospel, Blues, and even Country music! For Denise, a highlight of her career was standing center stage at the Grand Ole Opry (becoming the first African American woman to do so) performing a duet of 'You were Always on My Mind' with Willie Nelson! Other exciting times for Denise, were recording with such greats as the late, gospel giant, Rev. James Cleveland, Kurtis Blow, Run DMC. Performances with: Cissy and Whitney Houston, her good friends, Mary Wells, Della Reese, Patti LaBelle, Ashford & Simpson and the Temptations, (recently at the Paris hotel on the Las Vegas strip). Her stellar vocals are very much in demand in concerts alongside AMERICAN IDOL winner, Fantasia, the forever soulful Al Green, Rod Steward, Jane Fonda, Maxine Brown, Ben E. King Chuck Jackson and the incredible Blues legend, Bonnie Raitt. Before taking on a career in secular music, theater, and movies, Denise honed her fabulous four octave soprano voice beginning in the church choir at the age of three. Denise also has hit gospel records with Bishop Nathaniel Townsley Jr. and the St. Marks Gospel Ensemble and had four number one Gospel albums with the Timothy Wright Concert Choir!

Denise has had 'command performances' before the Queen of England, Presidents Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton and represented the United States Consulate in concert at the United States Ambassador’s Ball in Copenhagen, Denmark and before former South African President Nelson Mandela. Denise's incredible gift for 'filling a house, packed theaters with a 10 week, 53 city tour of the 'Hoagy Carmichael 'Stardust Centennial' Celebration' – which culminated in sold out performances at New York's Town Hall.

Denise has starred at Ford’s Theater in productions of; SHIELA’S DAY, AMERICAN JUKEBOX and AMEN CORNER and she starred at The Kennedy Center in 'QUEENIE PIE' and SHIELA’S DAY. Both shows were also presented at The American Music Theater Festival. Other credits include: THE WIZ', 'DREAM GIRLS', 'LION KING', 'SHOWBOAT', ‘YOUR ARMS TOO SHORT TO BOX WITH GOD, (in which she appeared with the legendary Teddy Pendergrass). Kennedy Center and the American Musical Theater Festival and went on to Broadway! Denise starred as Blues Empress, Bessie Smith in 'MISS WATERS, TO YOU’, ‘BLACK BEAUTIES and as Aretha in a nine year run of ‘AMERICAN JUKEBOX’, other credits include tours of the hit Broadway musical, 'YOUR ARMS TOO SHORT TO BOX WITH GOD' She was Sister Carrie in ‘MAMMA, I WANT TO SING’.

In Japan, Denise is the star of two Japanese-speaking movies-entitled ‘A SONG FOR THE U.S.A.’ (parts I & II) - the movies were filmed in New York, Tokyo and Osaka! For Woody King, (Director of the New Federal Theater).

Denise opened the show for Sarah Vaughn at CARNEGIE HALL and performed solo shows at LINCOLN CENTER, MADISON SQUARE GARDEN (opening for Chaka Kahn) and the UNITED NATIONS for their Annual Black Tie Ball as well as many star turns at the world famous APOLLO THEATER.

With guest appearances on ‘The OPRAH WINFREY SHOW', ‘GOOD MORNING HOUSTON’ and 'ATLANTA @ NOON’, Denise's TV work also included roles on the NBC drama 'Homicide, Life On the Streets' and PBS specials with the great actor, James Earl Jones, and ‘CBS SUNDAY MORNING' where Charles Osgood highlighted Denise's work in Japan with Japanese Gospel singers in Tokyo and Osaka who travel to the U.S. to study with her. In the nation's capital, Denise had her own radio show entitled 'DIVA WITH THE 411' on the number one station, WPGC with MICHELLE WRIGHT AND DONNIE SIMPSON where she would surprise her show business friends by waking them up with early morning phone calls to speak with Denise live on the 'morning drive' show.

In 1989, a longtime dream of Denise and Sheba Brown’s came true when their untiring work with inner-city teens came to the attention of the 'D.C. Commission on the Arts' when they were granted annual funding for 'THE DIVA DYNASTY PERFORMING ARTS INSTITUTE'. Denise has written two books, 'SOMEWHERE TO LAY MY HEAD', 'WWW, HOOK ME UP JESUS.COM' and the incredible stage musical revue, 'I NEVER WORKED FOR MOTOWN' (which is now in rehearsals with an outstanding cast of R & B legends, Maxine Brown, Justine 'Baby ' Washington, The Delfonics, Betty Wright (the 'Clean Up Woman'), Darlene Love, Tony Award winner, Lillias White, recording artist and R & B Award nominee, Alyson Williams and a supporting cast of the best singers in the business.


QIANTA CORBITT aka This Guy Q was born on March 16,1977 and raised in the nation’s capital Washington, DC. In his earlier years he was known as aka Q45 and Q Hef but, is now identified as This Guy Q. As a baby Q performed without words at home then as a toddler, he would run away in department stores and his mom would frantically look for him until she realized she would always find him standing under the store’s music speaker. Q started his artistic career as a child. He worked as a professional print, promotional and runway model for the US Library, Amtrak, Hecht's Department Store, Military Magazine Cover and at only three years old he stepped out on the catwalk along with his mom at New York's famous and popular Studio 54. 

Soon after around 4 or 5 years old he would perform with his buddies in their creative bucket band, try to scratch records on his little fisher price turntable and although he was so young it delighted him to think the microphone was delivering his performance on the radio.

Around the age of seven his mom had a friend who used to make mixed tapes which introduced Q to hip hop. He would play the tape all of the time but, couldn’t access the music locally on the radio in DC. At that time Q also wrote his first rap about the TV character Alf. His mom proudly framed it. Then the following year at just eight years old he told his mom that he was going to continue his quest to become a Rapper but, he also decided to become a Music Producer because it was more lucrative. By the time he turned 10 yrs. old his mom put a deposit on a baby grand piano but, Q was more interested in owning a keyboard so, she cancelled the piano and let him select his first keyboard. From that day on Q would save any money he made from film and modeling work to go to pawnshops and upgrade his keyboards to fulfill his dream to produce.  

One day Q’s stepdad’s friend Marty Ware, a singer in a group called 4pm and signed to the same record label as Salt and Pepper came to visit. Now at the age of 14 years old Q scored his best deal and bought a Yamaha sy55 from Marty. He always needed beats for his raps but, didn’t personally know any producers and this equipment would give him a chance to fulfill both of his desires such as, Hip Hop: Public Enemy, Jay Z, Ice Cube, DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince, Kool Moe Dee, Nas, Tribe Called Quest, Hieroglyphics to name a few. These are core as influences are vast.

At 15 he attended a Music Industry Event and as usual when his mom went to find him, he told her “I was busy networking”. Then in high school, his dad’s client Ronnie Hawkins had an independent record label with the right equipment (ensoniq’s Eps 16 Plus) so, Q would bring ideas/samples over then Ronnie would do the production and Q would write lyrics to the music.

In high school, Q desired to be the best rapper in school, so he created a group and recorded his first demo with his friend Scott. Afterwards he went through multiple rap groups. His flow was diverse, not just an East Coast or West Coast style. utilizing musical influences such as Portishead, Jamiroaqui, Bjork’s Vespertine, and Dr. Dre’s Chronic as his biggest influence for current projects; Bjork- arrangements, instrumentations, mixture of elements; Dr Dre-Sonics and arrangements.

Q bought his first professional keyboard a used Ensoniq EPS16 Plus from the classified ads, i.e. Mobb Deep. He would also, sample and record shop and always pick obscure covers. He looked to foreign and diverse music. Anything that sounded different. Q would say “I was always looking for something to give me my own edge.” “I always wanted people’s head nodding when they listened to my music”

Q wrote a rap verse for Gospel Artist, William Becton’s remix single “Be Encouraged” and he also, linked up with Raheem another producer who became his mentor and helped him improve his drum programing skills.

Q’s mom was invited to events at Funky Bottom Recording Studio by Todd the owner who was also, manager of Atlantic Star. She met a musician while attending one of the Studio events and asked him to please mentor her son, Q who recently graduated from high school. After just one visit at the Studio he was invited into an internship at Funky Bottom Studios which was frequented by many artists and celebrities including young budding Georgetown Basketball Star Allen Iverson who was an aspiring rapper who Q later did music production for at the time. Funky Bottom was impressed with Q’s skills and invested in producing his first professional Demo.

In 1996 during his introduction and experiences at Funky Bottom Studios he performed at the RFK Stadium (DC) opening for The Lost Boys, performed with Bounty Killa and also, for Super Cat at Crossroads Nightclub while also attending school for engineering training in order to better his skills in a professional setting as opposed to trial and error. On August 29th,1996 he was off and running after he completed and received certification at Omega Recording Studios School of Applied Recording Arts and Sciences for Audio Production Techniques For Advertising and by the following year Q met Chucky Thompson through a high school friend and began working for Chucky at Chuck Life. He started out as an engineer at first and as he would set up sessions Chucky would share advice. He also gained valuable advice through producers, Rich Harrison and engineer Young Guru on how to make the music commercially ready. When Chucky created a production team he signed Q and later The Well Production Company also signed Q on another production deal.

Later, Q began to opt out of deals and/or left situations because of his independent streak and vision. Project development allows Q to utilize all his skills to aid in assisting artists in completing their recordings. He's thrived in studio production with the likes of Lisette Titi , R&B work with Raheem Devaughn and submitting songs to Mya Harrison as well as various independent artists; he wrote and performed a rap verse for one of Afghanistan Artist, Ehsan Aman’s albums; Beltsville, MD artist Whyteout of BETs 106 and Park retired battle fame.

Around 2005 he met a vocalist named Elan Garner while assisting her at Guitar Center where Q started working in the Audio Department March of that year. This new partnership allowed him to better hone his R&B skills since previously it was more hip-hop. Q met 18-year-old Shari when she was working on some reference vocals and he loved her voice and inquired with songwriters, Kyonte and MQuest about working with her. For several years Q acquired many Sales & Service Awards and recognitions at Guitar Center while also, increasing his relationships with many other Music Industry professionals and Artists including the Board of Administration who co-managed Wale with Roc Nation. During this time, he assisted in developing a few independent artists Tiara Thomas, Black Cobain and others.  

For a couple of years Q managed the BIDIGI Studios in Washington, DC and in 2012 he met rapper & singer songwriter Visto and began developing his project Before Euphoria. Q also assisted in developing a country band for Gala Music in Northern, VA. These introductions began lifelong business connections and friendships, and this was one of the biggest ways to introduce new talent he believed in.  

Q released his first single “Status Alone” in 2018 and months later he released his first album titled “The Green Tea Project” features Q’s fellow artists: Visto, Elan Noelle, Shari and Kyonte’, Veronica King, Reesa Renee and Lina Pastel as cast to tell the story can be attained from multiple digital streaming platforms including Apple Music, SpotifyTIDAL Amazon Music 



GLORIA SHIVERS is a program and administrative manager with over 30 years of executive, organizational and leadership expertise. She is the current program director for a non-profit technology, training center for youth and past administrator for Providence Hospital, Baltimore and PG County Schools.



FARONE WILLIAMS a native Washingtonian is a real estate professional since 1986. He's the Broker & Owner of Farone & Associates Realtors, LLC. since January 2008 and licensed in Maryland, District of Columbia and Virginia

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